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Eating healthy meals can prevent many medical problems, like obesity and if in time, turn around the slippery slide of glucose intolerance and diabetes. And it can also help us control our allergies and prevent tummy troubles, like celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion and constipation.

No, we were not designed to eat the highly-refined-genetically-modified-preservative-rich-fast-foods of today. There are many reasons why the human race has reached this point of malnutrition, but if at all possible, then please revert back to basics. Yes, back to the simple diet that we, as nomadic hunter-gatherers, survived on for 200 000 years or more…before the birth of modern agriculture, 10 000 years ago.

Best selling author, Gregory David Roberts, who penned one of my favorite books, Shantaram, gives a good overview of human evolution and the impact it’s had on our diet:


So, how does one go about choosing the “right” foods? May I suggest Professor Tim Noakes’ book, The Real Meal Revolution? Please have a look on amazon:

Fellow South Africans, why not have a look on Loot?

And please don’t forget about the good prof’s website, The Real Meal Revolution, chock-a-block with helpful tips and tricks:

Real Foods Lists

View the Banting / Prof Tim Noakes Green, Orange and Red Food Lists. Find out what you should and should not be eating.

And if I may share some of my own health and aviation topics, then please browse my library:

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