About Christoph Lombard

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profile-pic Christoph Lombard is a travelling medical doctor. On askexpertdoctor.com, he shares his views on any old topic that takes his fancy. But mostly, it’s about aviation. (He’ll be flattered if you call him An Aviation Nut or if you insist, The Aviation Aficionado.)

Christoph joined the South African Defence Force in 1990 on a military scholarship to study medicine. His first job, as an Operational Platoon Medic (OPS MEDIC) seconded to a Battalion of Bushmen soldiers, started his love affair with remote places and interesting people. He qualified as a fully-fledged doctor in 1996. During his military career, he completed various military, medical and safety courses and deployments. He resigned his commission in 2004.

Since then, he’s practiced all over the world in predominantly remote site and offshore settings. Here he spends his time creating medical infrastructure and systems as well as delivering hands-on care. When he’s not working, he fiddles with reading, writing and the internet, such as creating and running this website.

To clarify: whatever Christoph writes on this website are his opinions alone and do not reflect those of any current or past employers nor patients.

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